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Flooded Basement Cleanup Inc. Specializes in Flood and Water Damage Restoration Solutions in Toronto. Our specialized Flood Technicians are trained to safely mitigate a flooded property emergency. We are equipped with the latest in technology, tools we use are infrared cameras, moisture readers and more. If you have or had a flooded basement, we will guide you through the steps for our Basement Cleaning and Clean up processes.

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Our team of flood and water damage basement cleanup technicians is on call 24/7 for emergency basement flood & water damage restoration services. Call now for a free consultation.



Flood Cleanup Services with Emergency 24-hour Response can help

Flooded Basement Cleanup Inc. offers water damage restoration services in case of a flood in the basement our Flood Technicians are available on call 24*7 for flood emergency cleanup aid and help. We have a reputation for servicing in distress in Toronto & GTA. Through our free consultation, we walk you through the proper remediation steps to entirely maintain your house from cross-contamination arising from either sewage backup and exterior water and more…
We are specialists in water extraction, Sewage cleanup, flood cleanup, burst pipe, exterior water cleanup, basement foundation crack. You can rest assured Flooded Basement Cleanup will see to it that you get the best water cleanup and flood restoration services in the GTA.

We have trusted customers all over Toronto owing to our sincerity and dedication. A flooded basement can be a big issue if left unchecked and unattended. Since we are in the business for years, we can correctly take you through a pleasant journey. Not only will you have a clean and flood free basement, but you can also rest sure that your items can be salvaged, offering content restoration cleaning services.

Why a Basement Water Cleanup Can Be Inevitable

We have a challenging climate. Sometimes the rain is too hard, or the snow is too thick, leading to water flooding into properties. Even though you clean up your rooms, there is water in the flooded basement, and there might be items that are getting wet. It can be too hectic for you to clean it up by yourself.

A flooded basement can also occur from different instances such as water leaking, clogged pipes, plumbing issues, melting snow, thunderstorms, Sewage Cleanup and other inevitable hazards. With a flooded basement, the probabilities are extremely high of exposure to yourself, content and the infrastructure of your property. Water that gets collected in your basement over time can lead to other issues such as moulds, DAMPs, etc.

How can our Flooded Basement Cleanup Company help you with Water Cleanup?

Let’s talk about how Flooded Basement Cleaning can help you apart from flood services. We have an around-the-clock water cleanup team on standby with a 15 to 45 minute response time of arrival to your property at any given time and ready to take on any residential flooded basement or as big as flooded commercial basement cleanup if needed. Commercial flood services for sewage cleaning can be a nightmare at this magnitude; no job is too big; we are prepared for high-volume cleanups from commercial sewage systems and overflowing sanitary pipes as well.

Our variety of services will amaze you. You can choose from different services that will fit your purpose. More services that we provide are carpet drying, structural drying, basement drying, and water damage services, amongst others. In case your basement or your household items get wet, we can help you dry them and help with the repair. We can provide you with excellent restoration services after or before we help dry your wet basement.

Treat Flooded Basement cleaning to the earliest.

The service that we provide will not only satisfy you but also ensure the security of your home free of toxins. It might look like minor damage in the beginning, but as we said over time, maybe within a few weeks, the water might start, causing damage and odour to the integrity of the property.

Our team of specialized water damage technicians is trained and equipped with Cameras, Moisture readers, and other gadgets. If you have a flood issue, call us now! We will guide you through the different steps of flood service and restoration services.

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