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For help call416-900-9102 - EMERGENCY SERVICES


Burst Pipe? – We provide Emergency Plumbing Pipe Burst Repairs Services in Toronto

When it’s below-freezing temperatures, and all of a sudden your water stops running on opening the sink valve, immediately shut off the main water supply line of the property, there’s a high probability chance your pipes are frozen if this is the case, call Flood Doctor “Flooded basement Cleanup” we have 24 years of experience in frozen pipe detection. Frozen pipes are an emergency situation it shouldn’t wait till the last minute by doing so the property can be highly vulnerable to a Pipe Burst; our services consist of thorough Frozen Pipe and Pipe leakage assessment, inspection and detection, we can guide you on the best plumbing insulation installation, and repair practises so you don’t run into a Burst Pipe catastrophe.  Flood Doctor “Flooded basement Cleanup” provides 24*7 services for flood emergencies in GTA and Toronto. We have several restoration services that you can look into and choose from. We will answer all your questions about our flood services and how it will help your property when there is a burst pipe. Make sure that you address a pipe burst as soon as possible, or it might lead to water seeping from damaged walls.

Disadvantages of a burst pipe

Burst pipes can invite unwanted water leakage into your property and expose you and your belongings to water damage. A leaking pipe often goes unseen; however, the damages are many. Pipes are used for two prime elements, i.e. gas and water. A gas pipe leak should be treated immediately. A water pipe burst will allow dirty or clean water to enter your premises and invade your healthy lifestyle. Flooded basements are often caused by a pipe burst.

A burst pipe can occur due to rust, pressure, and other relevant causes. These small damages can result in big setbacks. If you see your ceiling is leaking or experience water flow issues, this indicates the need for a burst pipe check-up. If the water keeps getting collected in your property, it will start generating odour. Not only will the smell bother you, but also your property will start showing water damages that often can be irreversible and push you towards reconstruction.

A burst pipe may also lead to a flooded basement which will manifest your property with different kinds of water damage. Once you discover you have a problem, call us for assistance. We will reach you within 15 to 45 minutes in and around Toronto. Remember that we are here to help.

Burst Pipe Solutions by Flood Doctor “Flooded basement Cleanup” .

We, at Flood Doctorthoroughly access the reason for burst pipes and provide solutions that will be long-lasting. It explains how we will help you, deal with a burst pipe situation, and provide restoration services for the damage that has been done.

Our emergency team is always ready to deal with burst pipes, repairing them, and treating other related issues that come along. We use the best equipment for repairing damaged pipes and carrying out other restoration services. We will use tools such as moisture meters and biohazard onsite testing kits for inspecting internal and external property damage. We specialize in dealing with cases in both residential and commercial spheres.

A pipe burst can bring about serious damage that you might regret. However, if that is taken care of at the earliest, you will be free from further water damage. We will make sure that you don’t have to spend on the reconstruction or reinstallation of pipelines.

Other than a burst pipe, if you have any other issues, don’t hesitate to ask us for a solution!

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